Congratulations to our Focus On Fleet Winner!

Congratulations to Gill Moore from Allied Wessex who won a new iPad Mini in our Focus on Fleet prize draw.

Find out more about the Focus on Fleet campaign here. The campaign has now ended, however, we are still keen to hear from brokers who are interested in our Fleet products…

Our Fleet Products

Taxi Fleet – Private and Public Hire cover for fleets of three or more vehicles – Taxi, Chauffeur, Funeral and Wedding cars. ‘Yes Claim Bonus’ and unlimited windscreen cover!

Truck Mini Fleet – 3-18 vehicles for Haulage, Own Goods or both, established 3+ years and a mix of trucks and non-trucks. With qualifying CCTV or supportive of new CCTV.

Business Mini Fleet – For businesses established for 2+ years that have 3-25 vehicles including cars and small commercial vehicles with weights up to 7.5t. ‘Yes Claim Bonus’ and unlimited windscreen cover!