COVID-19 Coverage Update

During these challenging and uncertain times TFP Schemes understands the need to accommodate policy holders’ changes in circumstances. We have worked hard with our partner insurers to agree the following temporary changes:

Reductions in Motor Cover including VLU 

With immediate effect we will be offering Vehicle Laid Up (VLU) cover where vehicles are being taken off the road due to a reduction in demand or usage. If you have any clients that wish to enquire about this or other reductions in cover or use please contact us.

Extensions of trade use under Taxi cover

Subject to our prior consent, we will aim to provide cover for any Taxi policy holders wishing to diversify in to delivery activities (fast food, prescriptions, grocery shopping and small parcels) to enable them to continue to trade at no additional cost.

In order to access this, please contact us in advance with the details of your client and their activities for approval and so we can make the underwriting note.

Finally if you have any other queries or questions regarding your clients policies please contact TFP and we will be more than happy to help.

Our Preparedness
Please read the latest update from Q Underwriting.