Foreign Travel Guidance – No Deal Exit Update

With the likelihood that the UK will be leaving the EU/EEA without a deal, the rules for driving abroad will change after 31/12/2020. Consumers, customers and businesses should be aware of the insurance implications if and when the UK leaves the EU without a deal ahead of trips intended 1st January 2021 onwards.

Why is a Green Card needed?

A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance which guarantees that the motorist has the necessary third party insurance cover. These certificates prove that customers are suitably insured to drive in these countries. A physical copy of a Green Card is needed when traveling, however there is no longer a requirement for the green card to be printed onto green coloured paper.  Printing the green card document onto white paper will be valid.  However, you must have a physical copy of the green card as a digital version will not be accepted.. If customers arrive at the border without a physical Green Card, they may not be allowed to drive in that country. If the customer travels without a Green Card, they may be breaking the law; risking a fine, seizure of their vehicle, or face prosecution.

What does it mean to your customers?

At present, TFP Schemes policies allow policyholders to drive within the European Union under their existing certificate of insurance upon notification to us. Under the current pandemic circumstances Foreign Travel is unlikely for most customers, however if your customers are planning a necessary trip that is completed before the 31st December 2020 (the end of the transition period), our guidance is that a Green Card should be requested for any such trips to prepare customers for the new requirements that will come into place 1st Jan 2021.

How will we be issuing Green Cards?

The process of issuing Green Cards for driving within the EU is currently being implemented by TFP Schemes. You should contact us if customers intend to drive abroad ideally at least a month before travel, and we will issue and send the required document for your customers attention.

Please be aware that there are new rules on towing of trailers and caravans and a separate Green Card may be required for this. Please check the Government website ‘Driving Abroad’ section for further details, including how to register a trailer for travel abroad.

Customers may also be required to obtain an IPD (International Driving Permit), depending on the length of the trip and the country visited.

For further details and guidance on these changes please visit the Government website on driving abroad .

Will there be a fee for Green Cards?

TFP Schemes will not currently charge a separate administration fee to issue Green Cards in the present climate, other than where cover required is outside the standard cover/policy limitations and the relevant Insurer charges a separate premium. This may be subject to change in future.

More information and FAQs

The ABI have issued updated guidance, and some FAQs for the industry. This can be found HERE (insert updated link )

You can also go to Gov.UK for further clarity on the rules and requirements.