Truck Mini Fleet

Truck Mini Fleet offers “corporate” level benefits for the smaller operator who wishes to benefit from the added protection from CCTV. The policy includes some of the widest covers and benefits to reward customers who are committed to helping reduce claims incident costs. Our claims service is backed by an Aviva Charter that can react quickly to immediately available CCTV footage, which helps defend more claims and determine who is to blame faster.

Our specialist underwriting team will be able to answer your questions or concerns and provide a responsive quote turnaround.

Risks Covered

  • Haulage, own goods or both
  • Established 3 years and over
  • Operates 3 to 18 vehicles
  • Can include some vans, private cars and special types
  • All truck body types
  • Risk management of vehicles and drivers
  • Acceptable claims or an improving trend
  • Hazardous goods or locations considered
  • Existing CCTV that meets requirements or supportive of new CCTV cameras

Added Benefits

  • Vision Track VT2000 - client pays VAT only
  • Upgrade options; available with Vision Track
  • 2 year fixed rate
  • Low claims rebate
  • Trailer cover for attached and detached
  • European territorial limits
  • Claims charter
  • Replacement truck for non-fault accidents
  • Unique "Yes Claim Bonus" benefits
  • Physio & Psychological employee support cover